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Golden Spur Mining
Induction Program:
Welcome to the Bedrock Mine:
This is an Active mine site and as such certain rules apply to ensure the safety of yourself and also those that operate the mine.
The priority is to enjoy yourself and to do so safely so we ask that you abide by the following rules. Any Questions please ask the Site supervisor who you will have met upon arrival.

Some areas of the mine are restricted to Mine personnel ONLY. NO prospecting, Detecting, Dirt Gathering or entry to these areas in any way is allowed. Remember this is an active Mine site.
Shipping Container is NO ACCESS as it contains chemicals, fuels and other dangerous goods. Please do not enter the shipping container at any time or other areas as designated by the Mine supervisor on the day. Some areas may be unsafe or unsuitable for use during your stay. These areas will be pointed out and marked.
Site machinery is in various locations and is not to be entered at any time. All site machinery has NO access wherever it is located on the lease. This Includes Machinery, Light vehicles, Quads, Motorbikes, Fuel trailers and Pumps.
Entering a restricted area will result in your tour being ended and you being asked to leave the Lease.

The main campsite, Kitchen and bathroom area may be used freely during your stay. Feel free to make a cuppa use the table and chairs and Kitchen facilities.
We Just ask that you leave the area’s clean and make sure all gas bottles are turned off at the Bottle after you have finished.
The lease itself has Unrestricted access Unless marked or mentioned as per the Restricted area policy.
You may Detect any of those areas within the lease Including the ground outside the lease that has been designated GPA.
Area’s for panning and/or sluicing will be set aside and you will be directed where they are and what activities are permitted. Water is precious so at times Panning and sluicing may not be available.

There are 2 entry/exit points to the lease, these are marked.
In case of fire and we need to evacuate the lease, you will be directed down the appropriate track to exit the lease.
You must exit the lease via the recommended track and you may not have time to grab your camping gear and personal belongings. NO Tolerance for evacuation in Fire scenarios and you must leave the lease immediately.

Total Fire ban Unless otherwise informed in the camping area. A main fire is available for use and your welcome to use it for cooking, socialising etc.
There is a lot of dry timber in the area so care with fire is needed.
FILL ALL HOLES, 100% of the time, all the time. Please refill every hole you dig. If it can’t be filled effectively please inform the site supervisor so we can have it filled. Also cover over any raking that you may have done.
WATER is precious, so showering is limited to 3 minutes. You will need to supply your own drinking water. At times the flushing toilet may not be available due to water issues.
Alcohol is to be consumed in a manner that is responsible. No Liability will be taken for any injuries or harm that come as a result of excess alcohol consumption.


Waiver must be signed upon entry, anyone not willing to sign a waiver will be asked to leave.


Anyone caught on the numerous trail cameras on site outside tour and training will be prosecuted.